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1. He _____ my patient.
2. _____ am your primary care physician
3. The patient says that it is because he received a blow on the head and ______ the wound.
4. The nurse asks “Did he become________ at any moment?”
5. No, it was just very painful, and I ______a lot.
6. Upon arrival to the doctor’s office, he checks the wound and ____ him that he has to put stitches.
7. The patient asks the doctor “_____ do you mean by stitches?”
8. You then have to _______ every other day to clean the wound.
9. And once the wound has _______, we take out the stitches.
10. Have they finished the surgery yet? I don’t think _______.
11. Have you had _________ to eat?
12. Who was the patient _________?
13. When the patient arrived at the room, the family members __________.
14. The family members forgot ________ the light before they left.
15. You can’t _______ to the patient. He is deaf; you will need a sign language interpreter.
16. The patient had complications _______ had a treatment plan.
17. The proposed surgery was too good to turn _______.
18. The children __________ sick yesterday.
19. She _______ when the Physical Therapist arrived.