Research Study

Professional Healthcare and Medical Interpreter Training:
Perspectives and Correlations on Effectiveness


The field of interpreting is in a period of rapid change. Regulators and purchasers of services are recognizing the importance of quality interpreting and are responding by requiring the assistance of interpreters whose skills have been assessed and certified.

A large number of training programs have been introduced with a range of approaches. Cost and time investments vary widely, with little understanding of the relative effectiveness. Employers of interpreters, and the candidates for certification themselves, have invested millions of dollars in these programs with mixed results.

This formative research study is a collaboration of the Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters (CCHI) and The goal of this study is to collect various demographic factors, document training and preparation strategies for certification, and identify correlations that may indicate the most effective use of resources—time and money.

Two groups are being asked to contribute their knowledge to the study:

Interpreters working in healthcareregardless of certification status or certifying agency. We are asking you to identify the detailed steps you took, or have taken, as part of your attempt to achieve your certification as well as to provide significant additional demographic data to help identify indicators for success.

Allies of interpreting in healthcare settingstrainers, managers, and others who purchase or provide training services and/or observe the performance of interpreters. We are interested in your perceptions of the effectiveness of training approaches you have observed and indicators of success for an interpreter to become certified.

Some respondents may identify with both groups. We have designed the study to allow these respondents to submit input in both areas. We expect most respondents will need 15 to 20 minutes to complete the survey. If you are both an interpreter and in a role allied to the field, you may need 30 to 35 minutes.



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