One of our instructors, Marisol Lomeli, CHI™-Spanish, gives some insight into what our medical interpreter training course is like. She also talks about the medical interpreting profession and a little bit about her background.

Our training course

In this first excerpt, Marisol tells us about:

  • The most common misperceptions of the medical interpreting profession
  • How she can tell if a student has the potential to be a successful interpreter
  • What a student can do to get the most out of our medical interpreter training course

Excerpt 1, (00:08:20):

Medical interpreters on the job

Marisol tells us what she has observed in other interpreters in the field, those who are certified and those who are not. She also tells us how critical preparation is before each interpreting assignment.

She answers these questions:

  • What have you seen in the interpreters in the field that gives you hope/happiness?
  • What do you observe about uncertified interpreters?
  • What do you see for the future of the industry?
  • What else is important to you about being a healthcare interpreter?

Note: In this excerpt, Marisol refers to an IEP, which stands for individualized education program, an education plan devised to meet the needs of a child who attends public school and has certain disabilities such as a certain health impairment or learning disability.

Excerpt 2, (00:15:21):

More about instructor Marisol

Marisol Lomeli, CHI™-Spanish, instructor

Marisol Lomeli, CHI™-Spanish, instructor

Marisol worked for many years as a judge’s assistant. Learn how she changed careers and became a certified medical interpreter.

She comments on:

  • The difference between court interpreting and medical interpreting
  • Whether healthcare interpreting is more fulfilling than court interpreting
  • Her career change, her work as an interpreter, and how she teaches

Excerpt 3, (00:11:22)

Course description

You can find more information about our Medical Healthcare Interpreter Training course here.

The Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters owns the certification mark CHI™ and Certified Healthcare Interpreter™ in the U.S. which it awards to individuals who successfully complete CCHI’s initial and ongoing certification requirements.