13 December 13, 2023

Changes Are Coming in the Interpreting Industry


Since the certification of medical/healthcare interpreters was established, thousands of interpreters have sought and received a credential. All of us at InterpreterEd.com are proud of our leading role in training this new generation of interpreters. But more changes are coming in the interpreting industry.

Changes Are Coming in the Interpreting Industry2023-12-13T19:45:16-08:00
12 July 12, 2023

Using Upwork to Look for Interpreting or Translating Work


Have you thought about using the freelance marketplace website Upwork to look for interpreting or translating work? A translator colleague of ours, Dania Habib, tried the site. Here’s what she experienced with the first contract she landed.

Using Upwork to Look for Interpreting or Translating Work2023-07-12T11:56:03-07:00
13 July 13, 2022

Inflation Is “Running Hot”—Should You Increase Your Rates?


We all know that prices are going up—that’s inflation—but what do the inflation rates mean for us? It means we have to make changes.

Inflation Is “Running Hot”—Should You Increase Your Rates?2022-08-12T10:03:17-07:00
18 May 18, 2022

Signing Legal Documents—Like Contracts


Signing a contract with a new client is usually a good thing, but many interpreters approach it with a mixture of fear and confusion. I constantly advise interpreters to review contracts calmly and take the time to think through each section, including the recitals and signature block.

Signing Legal Documents—Like Contracts2022-05-18T15:43:13-07:00
12 January 12, 2022

Afghanistan Scholarship Recipient Masiha


Her role model in life is her mom, who has endured big challenges to send her daughter to the best schools the family could afford in Afghanistan. Masiha owes it to her mom that she has become the dedicated, hard-working person she wanted to be. Her mom worked for Care International, one of many agencies working in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan Scholarship Recipient Masiha2022-08-12T09:53:09-07:00
15 December 15, 2021

A Time to Celebrate, Plan, and Forgive


I like this time of the year as the world seems to slow down, at least a little. Christmas is a big reason for this in the U.S., but there are several other observances at this time of year where people traditionally take time to reflect and be with family. There’s a lot going on in the world right now with ...

A Time to Celebrate, Plan, and Forgive2021-12-15T20:01:38-08:00