1. Scope
This Privacy Policy shall apply to all members of INTERPRETERED.COMS’ workforce, including but not limited to employees and contractors operating or performing functions on behalf of INTERPRETERED.COM.

2. Policy
INTERPRETERED.COM acknowledges its responsibility to respect the personal information it collects and maintains, and to comply with applicable privacy and data protection laws. INTERPRETERED.COM uses personal information for numerous business operations. For example, INTERPRETERED.COM uses personal information such as human resources data in connection with its responsibilities as an employer and handles and processes personal information such as medical records in the course of providing translation services to health care providers. INTERPRETERED.COM, including its employees and contractors, shall make every effort to maintain the privacy, security and accuracy of the personal identifiable information it collects, processes and maintains; and INTERPRETERED.COM shall take special care and use enhanced measures to protect any individually identifiable health information.
To the extent individually identifiable health information is transferred or shared with third parties (other than those who act as agents on behalf of and under the instructions of INTERPRETERED.COM), or used for a purpose other than that for which it was originally collected, INTERPRETERED.COM will provide appropriate notices and will seek authorizations or consents as needed. INTERPRETERED.COM will communicate its privacy policy to any third party with which such information is shared and require such third parties to comply with INTERPRETERED.COM’s privacy policy.
INTERPRETERED.COM maintains procedures for employees and other individuals to gain reasonable and appropriate access to their personal information, and to update such information as feasible. INTERPRETERED.COM will review this Privacy Policy and assess and verify the company’s compliance with this Policy at least annually. INTERPRETERED.COM’ Compliance Officer shall be responsible for such review, assessment and verification.
Individuals with questions, concerns or disputes involving INTERPRETERED.COM’s privacy policy or practices should contact INTERPRETERED.COM’s Compliance Officer. As necessary and appropriate, INTERPRETERED.COM’s Compliance Officer will arrange for independent review of disputes that may arise under this Policy.

3. Definitions
Personal identifiable information means any confidential or sensitive information that can be related back to an individual. Individually identifiable health information means information about an individual’s health.