1 December 1, 2021

Afghanistan Scholarship Recipient Farhad N.


Before moving to the U.S., Farhad N. had to lead a double life. Born and raised in Kabul, Afghanistan, Farhad worked in a security company that escorted convoys of USAID and other American agencies working in Afghanistan. But only Farhad’s wife knew that.

Afghanistan Scholarship Recipient Farhad N.2022-08-12T09:55:20-07:00
17 November 17, 2021

Afghanistan Scholarship Recipient Narges Ghaznawi


“When the plane took off from Kabul, everybody was clapping and cheering except for me. I covered my face with both hands and sobbed. And when an old man sitting next to me asked why I was crying, I said I didn’t know I was going to leave my country like this. I did not know when, or if I was coming back.”

Afghanistan Scholarship Recipient Narges Ghaznawi2022-08-12T09:56:28-07:00
15 September 15, 2021

Interpreter Training Scholarships for Afghan Immigrants


Afghan immigrants will be facing tremendous emotional and mental health challenges, even with significant financial and other support. Our training program will help reduce this stress by creating a pool of qualified interpreters for the community who understand the legal and medical systems in the U.S. and can facilitate understanding on both sides.

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9 March 9, 2018

We Talk With Shamus Sayed


We recently had the opportunity to talk with Shamus Sayed, the COO of Interpreters Unlimited, based in San Diego, California. Interpreters Unlimited, or IU as they are more commonly known, primarily provides in-person interpreting services in several states across the U.S.

We Talk With Shamus Sayed2021-07-22T19:38:14-07:00
6 December 6, 2017

Unforgettable Encounters During the ICR


Maria S. Garcia, CHI™, completed her professional training and an ICR (Interpreter Clinical Rotation practicum) through InterpreterEd.com before becoming certified in 2013. Hear how she made a difference in the life of a patient during her ICR, and her thoughts on interpreting.

Unforgettable Encounters During the ICR2021-07-22T19:40:56-07:00
16 September 16, 2017

Marisol Lomeli, CHI™: Experiences in the Field


Marisol Lomeli, CHI™, is a professional interpreter with expertise in simultaneous interpreting and she is also an instructor for InterpeterEd.com. Hear about some of her most challenging assignments, experiences and perspectives on a variety of issues including student success...

Marisol Lomeli, CHI™: Experiences in the Field2021-07-22T19:42:27-07:00
10 May 10, 2017

The Professional Linguist Perspective on Independent Contracting – Part 1


This study was conducted in response to an idea that was raised recently, to eliminate the opportunity for professional linguists—translators and interpreters—to work as independent contractors. Instead, professional linguists would need to be employees for whomever required their services. They would have taxes deducted from their paychecks, receive whatever benefits might be afforded and generally be subject to traditional employer controls. We wanted to understand the professional linguist perspective on this idea related to the conduct of their profession and also their interest in performing work as an employee versus an independent business person.

The Professional Linguist Perspective on Independent Contracting – Part 12021-09-16T14:40:59-07:00
10 May 10, 2017

The Professional Linguist Perspective on Independent Contracting – Part 2


Report: Some in government view translators and interpreters as low-wage workers, commonly abused by employers who misclassify them as contractors in an effort to escape taxes. While this behavior happens in some cases, this study found little evidence to support the idea that this is an intentional and widespread behavior or that it is applicable to the mainstream of the language industry. Some government agencies are auditing language service providers and applying fines and sanctions on small companies which find it difficult to navigate a sea of obscure and conflicting regulations.

The Professional Linguist Perspective on Independent Contracting – Part 22021-09-16T14:42:35-07:00
10 May 10, 2017

The Professional Linguist Perspective on Independent Contracting – Part 3


Survey Response Data: State of Residence: A total of 118 responses were received from the group of 927 professional linguists who were invited to participate in this study. The linguists were located in 25 states with the largest number of respondents being from California (43%), followed by Massachusetts (8.5%), Texas (5%) Florida (4%) and Ohio (4%) with the other states combined having slightly more than a third of the total respondents with 34.75%.

The Professional Linguist Perspective on Independent Contracting – Part 32021-09-16T14:43:23-07:00