Medical Interpreter Course

Our comprehensive 60-hour program meets the requirements of both nationally recognized certifying agencies, CCHI and NBCMI. Plus, we have convenient class schedule options and multiple training sites.

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Course Fee:

Complete program – includes bilingual assessment


Bilingual Assessment Only:

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Are You Eligible?

The training program is open to students who meet the following requirements:

  • Age 18 or older
  • U.S. high school diploma or GED, or the equivalent from another country
  • Proficient speaking skills in English and a second language
  • Successful completion of our bilingual assessment

Prepare for Success

Sign up and step forward

The registration process is simple and quick—just complete the application and pay for your bilingual assessment. You do not need advanced knowledge of medical terminology—we assess your proficiency in both languages and your ability to convert words from each language to the other. The assessment takes from 20 to 30 minutes. After you pass, you can choose the session of your choice, whether it is online or on-site.

Our program goes well beyond the basics

You will start by learning the issues that will impact your career and your role, whether it be interpreting in the emergency department, a dentist office, or in the office of a school nurse. Throughout the program, you will work with your complete medical terminology textbook while you focus on learning the “must know” terms in our carefully curated terminology book. 

Practice makes perfect

You will also spend a lot of time practicing the skills you need to be successful. This practice time is challenging, rewarding, and designed to deliver success. Our instructors help you form the habits needed to continue refining your skills. We want you to succeed in your interpreting career.

Ready for the challenge

At the end of the program, you will sit for a final exam and, if you pass, you’ll receive a certificate of completion. The 282-page textbook, medical terminology textbook, and companion core terminology book are yours to keep as valuable references as you study for your certification exam.

You’ll receive a certificate of completion. Online students have access to the 282-page e-book in addition to receiving the printable core terminology e-book. On-site students receive the 282-page softcover textbook and core terminology book.

What You’ll Learn

We teach:

  • Medical terminology and additional resources.
  • Professional standards of practice.
  • Practical tips and techniques from practicing interpreters.
  • Exercises to improve your memory skills.
  • How to prepare for national interpreter certification testing.

We help you learn your role as a medical or healthcare interpreter:

  • The modes of interpreting and how to use them.
  • Managing the interpreting session: before, during, and after.
  • Where to position yourself in the room for the greatest benefit of the patient and doctor.
  • How to handle uncomfortable situations in a professional manner.

While the emphasis of our program is on interpreting skills, you will also learn about:

  • Landmark cases that led to the development of the medical and healthcare interpreting profession.
  • Facts about the limited English proficiency (LEP) population.
  • Barriers and challenges LEP patients face when seeking and receiving healthcare services in the U.S.
  • Key U.S. legislation regarding language access services.
  • How the U.S. healthcare system is different from the way healthcare is provided in other countries.

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*Assessment fee is applied towards program fee if student passes assessment and enrolls.
Bilingual assessment and course materials are non-refundable.
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